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The August Meeting
Saturday, August 18, 2018
10:00 AM
Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library
Located at 2121 Snow Road between State and Broadview Roads

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Events scheduled to take place at this meeting will include:
   1) Featured Speaker: Our speaker will be Mike Nathal & the title of his talk will be:

"Searching for Ammonites in the Pierre Shale".
    Mike's presentation will focus upon his 4 trips out west to collect ammonites from the famous Pierre Shale.  Mike has collected ammonites in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. He will start with a brief introduction covering the biology, evolution, and extinction of ammonites. He will also cover some basics of identification and how to distinguish them from animals with similar shapes.
     Mike's talk promises to be a very interesting presentation. And, here is why you will not want to miss his talk: The Pierre Shale is the most famous rock formation in North America, and probably the world, known for its abundance of ammonites.  There are a huge variety of species found in the rocks, and they are exceptionally beautiful fossils, as the outer nacre ("mother of pearl") shell structure is frequently preserved, producing shiny, pearlescent, or iridescent fossils. Mike will also be bringing in a bunch of fossils that he collected to show us how beautiful they are. 

   2) Collector's Corner: Bring your Ammonites and Cephalopods for showing others and sharing information.