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The Banquet: The Banquet is a "members only & members guests" potluck buffet meal. All members are asked to contribute a main or side dish, and/or a dessert. Members are also asked to bring their own non-alcoholic beverage. The amount of food you bring should be sufficient to feed your personal party, plus a little more. The club will provide a ham, coffee, beverages, cups, ice, and place settings.

The "Extreme Fossil Roadshow": The Rocky River Nature Center has asked NCFC members to conduct a Fossil Identification Program for the public. This has been entitled the "Extreme Fossil Roadshow", and will be promoted in the Emerald Necklace Newsletter. This identification event will take place in the Display Room from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Please donate fossils to the Rocky River Nature Center: The nature center hands them out free to visitors. This inspires visitors and encourages them to develop an interest in fossils and Paleontology. A handful or small box will do.  Take donations to the front desk when you arrive at the banquet. The assistants at the main desk will gladly accept them.

2020 Banquet &
Extreme Fossil Roadshow
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