Voting & Prizes
     Each fossil display is entered under a specific category and will have a number assigned to it. The ballot sheet has the categories and a space to write one number next to each category.  Members will vote by picking and writing the number of the entry that they feel is the best in each category.
     Because of the complexity of the voting and the knowledge needed to judge the entries, there is an age limit for voting.  All those voting must be 10 years of age and older.
     The winner of each category will receive a certificate and a "museum quality" fossil reproduction created by one of our very own members, Glen Kuban.

The Dots
    The Best Fossil - Club Trip will have a red dot with a number on it. The Best Fossil - Non Club Trip will have a yellow dot with a number on it.
     A Best Fossil entry could be a single fossil within a displayed collection or it might be displayed all by itself. When a Best Fossil is displayed within a collection it probably will not have the same number on the dot as the number on the entire collection because the Best Fossil category is a separate category.
     To vote for a Best Fossil - Club Trip one must walk around the room, look at all the fossils with a red colored dot attached, and then vote for Best Fossil - Club Trip by writing down the number in the red colored dot. Follow the same procedure to vote for The Best Fossil - Non Club Trip by looking at the fossils with the yellow dot.

Banquet & Awards Ceremony
Competition Voting Information
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