NCFC Safety Rules

1. The trip leader and all officers of NCFC have the authority to refuse entry or request anyone to leave a site if they
    break any of the following rules, or otherwise engage in any dangerous or unethical behavior.

2. Be sure you have permission to collect at any site.

3. Sign up for each trip that you attend. Notify the trip leader or a board member if you must cancel. Arrive at the
    appointed time (not significantly early or late) and do not stay beyond the prescribed quitting time. Notify the trip
    leader when you leave.

4. Hard-hats, steel-toed boots, and a reflective safety vest must be worn in all quarries.

5. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn when breaking or sawing rock.

6. A dust mask must be used when using a rock saw. Rock saws may only be used by persons familiar with their

7. Remember that we are guests at each site. Obey all regulations and policies of quarry personnel, whether
    mentioned here or not. Collect and park in designated areas only.

8. Never collect near vertical walls, overhangs, edges of cliffs, unstable shelves, or any other dangerous areas,
    whether posted or not. Be aware of those above and below you, to avoid accidents from falling rocks.

9. Stay away from all wires, plastic devices, and other items that could be remains of explosives or detonators.

10. Stay away from all quarry machinery and vehicles, whether moving or not.

11. Leave each site as you found it. Gates should be left open or closed according to how they were found, unless
      otherwise directed by quarry personnel. Litter and garbage should be removed. Check that you have all tools you
      brought along. A lost chisel or hammer can cause extensive damage to quarry equipment.

12. Please keep a close eye on any children present, especially your own.

13. During club trips, no pets are permitted at any quarry, whether in a vehicle or not. At public sites, pets must be
      leashed or in a vehicle, and be closely watched by their owners.

14. Notify the trip leader or an officer of the club if you see any questionable or dangerous activity.

15. Be careful where you reach. Snakes, spiders, or insects may be lurking below or between rocks.

16. When in doubt about any activity, err on the side of safety and caution.

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1. Members MUST BE PRESENT at the meeting prior to the trip to sign up for the field trip -
    everyone who signs up at the meeting will be on the trip list, or will be put on the waiting list if too
    many have signed up.

2. Field trip locations will be disclosed at the aforementioned meeting and not before. An email will be
    sent out to NCFC members after the meeting with specific information concerning the field trip.

3. After the meeting, any member not in attendance and wishing to go on the field trip may contact the
    trip leader via E-MAIL only after 12:00 noon on the day of the regular meeting. Any openings will be
    filled on a first come first served basis.

4. No member can add another member's name to the signup sheet, with the exception of family
    members for a Family Membership.

5. Members cannot bring guests to field trips unless the guest becomes a club member.

6. New members can join the NCFC on the day of the trip if there is space available, plus they must
    read and sign the official list of trip rules and regulations.

7. Concerning field trips with a limited number of collecting slots: Members who sign up for a field trip
    that has a limited number of collecting slots are required to inform the trip leader at least 1 day prior
    to the field trip if they will not be able to attend the field trip.

8. Concerning field trips with a limited number of collecting slots: Members who fail to inform the trip
    leader at least 1 day prior to the field trip of their absence from the field trip who do not have an
    emergency situation that prevented their attendance of the field trip will be automatically placed on
    the waiting list for the next future field trip to that same collecting site.