Brachiopod, Atrypa reicularis, Devonian, Silica Shale, Sylvania, Ohio, 3 cm.

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Brachiopod, Mucrospirifer sp. Silica Shale, Devonian, 3.8 cm.

Brachiopod, Paraspirifer bownockeri, Silica Shale, Sylvania, Ohio, 5 cm.

Brachiopod, Devonian, Hungry Hollow Formation, Arkona, Ontario, 3.5 cm.
Rhipidomella, Devonian, Silica Formation, Sylvania, Ohio, 2 cm.

Rafinesquina deltoidia, Ordovician, Whitby shale

Orbiculoida sp., Devonian concretion, .75 inches, Lake County, Ohio

Hebertella occidentalis, Ordovician, Ohio

Lepidocyclus capax, Ordovician, Ohio

Leptaena insculpta, Ordovician, Ohio

Onniella meeki, Ordovician, Ohio

Orthorhynchula linneyi, Ordovician, Ohio

Plaesiomys subquadrata, Ordovician, Ohio

Platystrophia hopensis, Ordovician, Ohio

Platystrophia sp., Ordovician, Ohio

Rafinesquina ponderosa, Ordovician, Ohio

Strophomena planumbona, Ordovician, Ohio

Theradonta clarksvillensis, Ordovician, Ohio

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